79" Push Side Door Guard

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79" Push Side Door Guard

As you "Push" open a door to go through it, a dangerous gap is created at the hinge side of the door. As the door is closed and hands/fingers are in that area they will get injured, the Finger Shield Push-Side Door-Hinge Guard prevents finger-pinch injuries by having the area protectively covered with a Finger Shield. Generally the front is the Push side. Did you know? Fingers are the #1 injured body parts? Can you afford not to be “Finger Shielded?”

The Finger Shield Push-side and Pull-side door-hinge guards can be fitted to most doors including swing pivot doors, concertina doors, partitions and external gates and most door types including wood, metal and uPVC.

Warranty: Finger Shield door-hinge guards ship with a 11 Year Warranty*.

Lengths: Finger Shield door-hinge guards are available in two lengths: 79" to fit a standard 80" door and 83" to fit a standard 84" door.

Finger Shield door-hinge guards should be fitted close to the bottom edge of the door and extended to as high as the full length of the guard will allow. Finger Shield door-hinge guards can be cut to shorter lengths with a pair of snips or strong scissors.