1- Where should I install Safety Door Guards?

Add to home,  office, school classroom  and entry doors,  cafeteria 1/2 doors,  bathroom and or shower stall doors,  even swing bathroom doors, gates, areas needing protection from potential hangings in Hospitals,  areas needing  Privacy such as;  Doctor / Medical offices, these are great for you acting  as a privacy shield thus aiding in  HIPPA regulations... Simple Safety's Preventive & Protective Safety Door Guards should be installed on all doors that children and vulnerable adults pass by or enter. Each door should have both a Push-side and a Pull-side safety door hinge guard installed to eliminate the chances of injury. If a door is fitted with a continuous or piano hinge then a pull-side door hinge guard is not required, however still recommended to remove the potential for any pinch injury. Please see the Video/Power Point  for more ideas and a better understanding, NOTE: if needed hit the arrow key to advance when viewing the video /Power Point..

2- What’s the difference between a Push-Side and a Pull- Side Door Guard?

When the door is closed and you can see the hinge protruding this is the “Pull” side in which the Pull-Side Safety Door Guard is installed on, generally the “Pull” side is also when you pull the door towards you to open, then the push side safety door guard would then be installed on the opposite side. When your Pushing the door away from you to open and or enter the door, then this is the “Push” side on which you will install the Push-Side Safety Door Guard and then the  pull side safety door guard will then be installed on the opposite side. The Push-Side and Pull-Side Guards are very different in design and are not interchangeable. Generally speaking, the front of the door is referred to as the “Push” Door Guard and the back,  rear of the door is the “Pull” Door Guard, where the door hinges protrude.

3- What does a door look like with a Safety Door Guard?

Here are some photos of our installed hinges:



Please see the Video/Power Point for more and better understanding, NOTE: if needed hit the arrow key to advance when viewing.


4- What does a typical finger injury look like?

Warning: Images are graphic and viewer discretion is advised!

Click Finger Injuries to view actual photos of documented finger injuries.

5- What are they made off?

Simple Safety’s Preventive and Protective Safety Door Guards are made with a supreme quality rubber and thermoplastic materials for high performance. Durability and productivity.

6- How much do they cost?

Click here for Price List. Should you have a large order, please be sure to contact us for potential bulk pricing and FREE quotes, email us your company info and order needs itsSimpleSafety@yahoo.com

NOTE: Our Preventive & Protective Safety Door Guards are a “safety feature” therefore we recommend you specifically contact your insurance carrier and advise them of this safety feature you have installed. If need be, refer them to our website for product verification. We have been informed by many Insurance Commissioners that each insurance company has their own rights to offer either a discount or aka extra credit for our Preventive & Protective Safety Door Guards.

7- How much do they weigh?

The Pull Safety Door Guard weighs up to 2 lbs. each and the Push Safety Door Guard weighs up to 3 lbs. each. Weights are approximate.

8- What length and colors do you offer?

We stock push-side and pull-side hinge guards in two lengths; 79" for an 80" door and 83" for an 84" door, there is a simple solution for longer and shorter needs! Colors > White, Black, Brown and Gray/Taupe. They can simply be cut to a shorter length with a sharp cutting utensil. Need Longer? Simply cut extended size needed from an additional guard and butt it up top against the longer length to the desired length, remember always leave aprox. a ½” leeway at top and bottom for non interference of open and closing of doors. Our Door Guards can be painted by you to match your desired color with any latex based paint, suggested to do so on white guards if at all. Custom orders for non-standard lengths and colors may be arranged by emailing us or calling us at (904) 861-4644. Restrictions and Minimum purchases apply. We will try our best to meet your request.

9- What is the purpose of a HELPING HAND?

A HELPING HAND prevents doors from completely closing when they are unexpectedly closed or slammed shut, removing the risk of injuries to hands, fingers, body, objects… Also allowing for you to simply open and enter a door when your hands are full!

10- Can you install them for me?

The door hinge guards are a self-install item and are easy to install. Click the Installation tab to view our printable Installation Instructions.

11- How does your Warranty work?

You have up to 11 years from the date of purchase to use your warranty. Filing a claim; you must have your original receipt, Certificate of Warranty… which is for you to print from our website at time of your receiving your emailed receipt of purchase. Both sides of the door (being both the Push-Side and Pull-Side of the door) must have been protected at the same time with Simple Safety Door Guards, one side alone simply allows for to much wear and tear even from normal use. Buyer is responsible for the shipping and handling fees of any and all warranty replacements, and returns. See warranty for complete details.

12- How long before my order ships?

Excluding holidays, orders are generally shipped at least twice weekly. If we are out of stock, we'll supply you with an estimated shipping date to the best of our abilities.

13- What method of shipping do you use and how long will it take?

Our preferred method of shipping is via UPS at times FedEx Ground. Delivery in the continental United States normally takes between 1 and 6 business days depending on where you are located. Upon order processing we will send you a Shipping Notification / Invoice email that contains your Tracking number, use this number to track the movement of your package on the carriers website.

14- What if I want my order faster?

All other shipment upgrades are available upon request at an additional fee, just tell us your needs, and we will do our best to accommodate them.

15- Can I open an account?

Yes, with proper credit credentials: email itsSimpleSafety@yahoo.com or fax #561-828-7718 us your Pre-done credit ap that you may have on hand, if not a copy of your current W9 will work for submission of potential open credit approval. Note: IF Terms have been extended and failure to pay within 10 days; Daily Interest of 1.5% and Late Fees of $10 per month will be charged as of invoice date! Any failure to pay involving collection matters will be at the total expense of the buyer, including, but not limited to any legal and travel expenses, etc. We prefer to maintain professional and respectful working relationships with all customers, Thank You

16- What credit cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and America Express.

17- When are you open for business?

Our office hours are 9:00am-5:00pm Monday through Friday (Eastern Time) closed Holidays. However, you can purchase products at any time through our online store www.itsSimpleSafety.com 24/7.

18- Is there a minimum order?

No, we will supply just one item if that is what you want. However, due to the cost of freight, it is suggested you maximize your order, taking into consideration future potential needs. Note: Considering the Shipping and Handling Fee is a flat rate per box accommodating up to 12 Shields per box, we suggest you take advantage of maximizing your purchase.

Click here for the Shipping and Handling map.

19- Can I change my order after it has been placed?

Yes, you can change and even cancel an order any time prior to shipment from our warehouse. This may delay shipment by 24 hours or more. Call to be certain of shipping status.

20- What is your return policy?

You can return all or part of an order within ten days of receipt. Please try to use the original packaging for the return shipment, materials must remain in full length and a copy of your original invoice must be included with the return. A 25% restocking fee (of the original price, discounts excluded) will be charged and you are responsible for return shipping charges. Any returned Safety Door Guards must be in the same new condition as they were when shipped to you and materials must remain in full length .We reserve the right to refuse a refund for returned Door Guards that are not acceptable for re-sale.

21-Can we get a discount from our insurance carrier for installing Safety Door Guards?

Yes, quite possibly as this is a “safety feature”. We recommend you specifically contact your insurance carrier and advise them of this safety feature you have installed. If need be, refer them to our website for verification. We have been informed by many Insurance Commissioners that each insurance company has their own rights to offer either a discount or extra credit for our Safety Door Guards.


If you still have questions after reading our FAQs, please do not hesitate to contact us by:

Office:(904) 861-4644/ (561) 223-9697

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